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High performance, high quality off grid solar systems.

Stand-alone solar power solutions are for those who are not able or willing to be connected to the electricity grid. 

As off-grid solar specialists, we can design, install and maintain a solar powered, stand-alone system unique to your home or business using quality components giving you peace of mind that what we have installed is the right fit for you.

Solect Energy owner, Peter King, is an experienced system designer and has been designing and building off-grid solar power systems for over ten years.  Off-grid systems are solar installations built using either AC or DC coupled configurations combined with battery storage systems.

 AC coupled generation sources include solar inverter-chargers, grid connect solar inverters, battery storage and backup generators.

DC-coupled systems use MPPT solar charge controllers, charger-inverters, battery storage and backup generators.

 Whether a system is AC or DC coupled is generally determined by the size of the system, application and individual requirements.

Energy storage is integral to storing solar energy throughout the day and supplying the power your home or business requires during the night. 

With all the technologies, brands, and configurations available for battery storage, it can be confusing to try and decide which battery system is for you.

Our off-grid system design will take into account all the variables such as available space, cycle life, day and night loads, and battery life expectations to choose the best option from either Lead-Acid Gel batteries or Lithium-ion storage systems.

 Lead-acid batteries are a proven technology and a great long-term solution lasting up to 15 years or more by correctly managing temperature and discharge levels.  They are extremely reliable and widely used for stand-alone solar power systems. 

 Lithium-ion battery systems have become very popular due to improved efficiency, compact size, weight, and scalability.  Lead-acid battery banks have a fixed size or capacity, whereas lithium systems are more adaptable.  This flexible sizing allows for adding additional capacity at a later stage.  Lithium-ion batteries have a much higher energy density compared to lead-acid and are therefore lighter and more compact. 

 Solect Energy will work with you to select your inverter, battery banks, and the number of solar panels to suit your energy requirements and budget, ensuring you get a high quality, high-performance system at the best possible price.

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Solect Energy is a full service solar/design installation company. We take care of you and your solar requirements from the initial enquiry, design, installation to the after sales service and support. We are local and employ all our own designers, installers and electricians, so we always have someone on hand to provide advice and support whenever you need it.


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