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A residential solar system is an investment in your home.

Installing solar panels to power your residence or business is a prudent long-term investment. By doing so, you realise substantial savings on your energy bills and insulate yourself from the escalating electricity costs while diminishing your ongoing environmental footprint.
Residential solar power systems in Australia are particularly well-suited to harness the abundant renewable energy emanating from the sun in our region.
A conventional grid-connected solar panel setup comprises the visible photovoltaic (PV) panels affixed to your roof. These panels are linked to a solar inverter mounted on the wall of your home, business, or shed. The solar inverter, or multiple inverters, establishes a connection to your home's switchboard, acting as the intermediary between the solar panel system atop your roof and the energy demands of your residence or business. These grid-connected systems permit you to draw power from the grid at night and capitalise on any feed-in tariff your energy retailer provides. Your home solar system seamlessly ensures that your energy requirements are consistently met.
Throughout the entire process, Solect Energy's team will collaborate closely with you. Including Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) helps offset the expenses associated with a high-quality solar system, and our team ensures you derive maximum benefits. Evaluating your current and future energy consumption when contemplating solar adoption for your home or business is imperative. For those considering additional storage, a solar battery can be integrated into a top-tier solar system, and the Solect Energy team offers comprehensive information to determine the suitability of battery storage for your specific needs. Employing superior components, Solect Energy guarantees the longevity and durability of the residential solar systems we install.

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Solect Energy is a full service solar/design installation company. We take care of you and your solar requirements from the initial enquiry, design, installation to the after sales service and support. We are local and employ all our own designers, installers and electricians, so we always have someone on hand to provide advice and support whenever you need it.


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